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I greatly admire Laura's work and her attitude to life, art and business. Laura is an accomplished artist and photographer, with a highly developed style of visual expression which resonates on an emotional level with the viewer. In todays age of mass media overload it is refreshing to find a visual artist who can continually surprise and delight with their unique and personalized interpretation of the world around them.  

Stuart Pearson London  Dublin Institute of Photography 

I received a most wonderful present tonight. My lady wife organized with Laura Ayers to photograph my boys, I and Joanne in some family photographs. What I actually got was the most wonderful moments of fun, frolics, messing, kissing, jumping and love all captured by a wonderful photographer with a fabulous gift of making you feel at home and comfortable while capturing moments I will treasure for ever. People seriously don't wait a second longer for professionally captured memories of your family, contact Laura. 

Mr K Nolan County Carlow 


Wonderful work from a wonderful talent. Cannot recommend highly enough. Our family portraits will be treasured forever - thank you so much Laura for sharing your talents with us.


Ms J Stanley County Carlow


Laura is a prolific and passionate artist. Her diverse range of subjects and approaches reflects her eclectic style and inquisitive sensibility. Having recently worked with her as an exhibitor of fine art photography and as an event photographer I can say with great confidence that Laura delivers"

Marc-Ivan O'Gorman, Director - Cleverality Productions
As a professional band we've used many photographers to capture live gigs and photo-shoots, most lacked what we require. Seeing the results of Laura's work was like a breath of fresh air. Laura has a natural acumen for photography, knowing when and where to get the right shot comes naturally to her..
She just knows and she just has it, a pure natural!"
Mervyn Sayers, Supernova Quartet

 Your photographs are more than just a picture or a moment in time, they are fascinating, inspirational, and they capture life. All of life's purities and realness.They are raw and beautiful and your creative eye is like none I have ever seen before. Through every picture I can feel and sense something within myself and your talent is unmatched, just as your dedication and work ethic. What you do is simply...amazing. 

Jennifer Pepper Los Angeles

I can honestly say that Laura is a very talented photographer. She has a fantastic eye for mood and detail and   instinctively knows exactly when to click the shutter. Her friendly, easygoing manner really puts her subjects at ease whether it's a carefully composed portrait or an impromptu candid shot. In short, you will look better than you ever thought possible ! In my own musical adventures her work is prominent. Her photos will be the cover art for the upcoming Hard Times  CD and her Red Snapper shots have featured in the national and international press many times over the years.  Laura is great and I would heartily recommend her to anyone.

David Red Snapper  



Having had my photo taken professionally many times over the years i had never seen such a vivid flare and awareness for colour. I had to admit i was totally stunned by the artistic nature of my portrait which was literally"spur of the moment". Never had my eyes been captured most photos from a distance and through dark lighting seem brown almost black never showing their true essence which Laura noticed and captured through a brief meeting at an event. I am hiring Laura for my own event. 

Sheila Murphy Ireland 

I've seen your photography and I'm amazed I think that we've got something in common we simply like make them!  I went through your whole gallery on your other sites also  and I'm really delighted to be able to see your pictures they are an inspiration for me for sure

Kinga holfman Berlin Germany 


Your photography... unrestrained ... some of the most expressive vibrant imagery my eyes have seen. . Perhaps radical at times, but passionate art it is. I look forward to absorbing more of your fantastic work.

John Marshall Oregon

Laura is a first class photographer, and I wouldn't have any hesitation recommending her; particularly to musicians   and music professionals; her live shots are extraordinarily good. A real pro with the work, and great imagination and   creativity, you won't find anyone better anywhere.

 Paul Galbally  Ireland 


 LJA is a fantastic photographer. She is like a sniper waiting for the perfect time to take a shot and she never fails     to make us look great (which is no easy task), Thanks Laura."  

Mike Hayden  Ireland 


If its quality, professional images that capture a moment or mood then please look no further than Laura Juliet  Ayers. Incredible and uncanny ability to create beautiful images with no intrusion that leaves the viewer and the  client feeling uplifted. I can't recommend her enough. 

Ken Nolan  Ireland 


I Love your b&w photos of NYC! Captures great light and images of the streets of NYC. Looks wonderful on my wall 

BrandiL Lovino Connecticut US 


Immensely talented! In your photos I can see how much you truly love what you do. You are inticate, sublime, and an excellent example of the power of a woman! What you see as a photographer tells who you are... Amazing, and it is noticed and respected. I am so amazed at how talented you are, how creative and how you really know how to capture ambience. In Chicago I see galleries of quality photography and you could easily do it there too, contact me to arrange something.

Kris Ryan Chicago US 


Laura's photographs make the unbelievers into believers! Just one look is enough to know that she is gifted in what she does.

Tommy Tea-Time Ireland 


Hi LJA, awesome photography! You certainly are one to be called a natural. Wishing you continued success.

J Dan Roland New York 


Really like your work,no ..I Love your work...your black and white ones inspire my own.

Paul Fulton United Kingdom


This photograph was even more beautiful in person! I love it! Can't wait to get it into a frame and put it up onto the wall!!!

Kelly M Elson Michigan US



Great images...thanks for letting me join your club

Hollis Green Uk


These are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for generosity! I love your work

Cynthia Tessmer  Michigan US


This was the second purchase I made from LJAPhotography and I'm sure I'll be back again!

Jessica Stillwell  Chicago IL US




Amazing photographer. The photographs arrived quickly and in perfect condition.


Heidi Falzetta  Canada




This photo was even more beautiful in person! I love it! Can't wait to get it into a frame and put it up onto the wall!!


Kelly Elson Michigan US




Love her b&w photos of NYC! Captures great light and images of the streets of NYC. Very responsive and easy to communicate with.



Aileen K Wiate Connecticut  US




 I love, adore her Photographs, they look incredible on my wall. Thank you!

 Jen Elbel Rhode Island Us 


The photograph I purchased looks so great and really is one of a kind. Thank you.


Brian white Pennsylvania US 


Enjoyed your photo's and creative talent. 

S Wagner Berlin Germany 


I'm a fan of your photography 

Ken Laily United Kingdom 


Hello, LJA.You're amazing. First I saw your photos, then I read your poems, then I've found a vid on Youtube. You're so talented.

Sveta G St Petersburg Russia 


You're wonderfully talented, your photographs are very beautiful .  

Stacey Nolan New York